Chelsea Kies

"A house divided against itself cannot stand." 
-Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln.png

Just like Abraham Lincoln said almost two hundred years ago, this quote is meaningful both in the classroom and in our world. As a school district, we must work with our community, parents, and teachers in order for our students to be successful. I try to be as open and honest with my students because we live in a world where both of those things are seen as weak and negative. I come from a very hard working family and will do absolutely everything I can to the best of my ability to see my students succeed and learn.
Some facts about me: I'm from Keokuk and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in May 2016. I teach middle school Life Skills, freshman U.S. History, and an upperclassman Contemporary World Issues class. My favorite subject is U.S. History but I've really have enjoyed teaching Life Skills and WCI as well! I will be one of three Junior High Track coaches this spring and the Junior High Softball coach this summer. At times I have also dressed up as our own Wildcat mascot!