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Chris Wulf

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Guidance Counselor 


I earned my Bachelor's Degree in English Secondary Education and my Master's in Human Development and Counseling from the University of Iowa.


 I have worked in the Columbus Community School District since 1995, both as an Elementary Counselor and as a 7-12 Counselor.



I was raised in Muscatine county and graduated from Muscatine High School. When I graduated I wanted to become a veterinarian, but after one semester of Organic Chemistry at Muscatine Community College, decided to change my major. Between May and August of 1984, I graduated from MCC, got married to a farmer, and started my junior year at the University of Iowa majoring in Secondary English Education, and minoring in Reading.  

Upon graduation, I substituted in the Durant and Wilton school districts for the next 6 years, while we started a family. Our boys are now 33, 32, and 30 years old. While subbing, I began to notice many students that came to school consumed with issues, both simple and complex, that overshadowed their ability to focus in class. Students had started to "want to talk," but as a sub, I was entirely unprepared for the stories I began to hear. Those experiences prompted my decision to get my Masters in Human Development and Counseling instead of going to work full time. 

I had a very small class in my Masters program at the University of Iowa, but one of them brought me to Columbus in 1995.  Duane Orr told me to apply  for the new elementary counselor position. At first, I told him it was too far to drive. I was still married to that farmer, and the commute would be 98 miles a day. He was insistent however, telling me to just use it for interview practice. During the interview I was offered the position with one condition, that I commit to staying for 5 years, "because our students don’t take turn-over well." That was 24 years and 4 cars ago. Since coming to Columbus, I have worked as the elementary counselor, the k-8 counselor, the high school counselor, and the 7-12 counselor. This has been a wonderful experience and I truly can't imagine doing this job anywhere else.  

 My other duties include: short term individual counselingscheduling, drop-out prevention and At Risk Coordinator, coordinating college credit and credit recovery online classes, test coordination and proctoring for the ACT, PSAT, ASVAB, and Work Keys, Post Secondary planning, Career Exploration, 8th grade Four Year Plans, District Homeless Liaison, 504 Coordinator, parent and teacher collaboration for academic success, and outside agency collaboration. 

 I truly believe that all students feel better when they are successful, and that self esteem comes from accomplishing  things they didn't think they could do. I love watching kids grow and turn into the adults they were meant to be! 

Contact Information 

Phone:   319-728-2231 

Email: [email protected]   (preferred method) 


"Change your thoughts, and you will change your world." - Norman Vincent Peale