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ESL Level 1
Using the verb TO BE

  1. Weather

    Look out the window. What is the weather like today? Write five sentences to describe the weather outside. Examples: It’s windy outside. It is warm today.

  2. How are you today?
                Say, "I am _______________." or "I am not ______________." Fill in the blank with an adjective.
  1. Analogies

    Do you remember what an analogy is? It’s comparing two things that are alike or different in some way. Think of two things and some words to describe how they are a like or different by using analogies.

  2. Writing

    Tell me about what you have been doing since we saw each other at school. How do you feel about staying home? Do you like it? Do you want to come back to school?

  3. Speaking

          Watch this Steve Harvey video. What do you think of it? What was the woman talking about? Are you surprised by what she did?