AP Government

Weekly Activities For:  April 27th- May 1st

1. Review the example FRQs linked here. This will explain how the FRQs are scored and show you student examples. LOOK THIS OVER 
2. How to write an Argumentative FRQ video
3. Study/ Print the 3 Branches of Government roles. Cheat sheets are in the document container
4. Study/ Print  the cheat sheet for the Supreme Court Cases. 

Activities April 20th -24th 

1. Review all four of the Constitutional Underpinning PowerPoints 
2. Review and commit to memory all 27 Amendments. This video is a good way to help remember them. It super cheesey!
3. Below is a copy of the 2005 AP exam. Work on the multiple choice questions so you get an idea of what the exam questions will be like.
4. Also, below is a copy of a review sheet you can fill out as you review the PPTs if you want. It includes all units so do not panic.